Assess, Empower, Protect

Our services help Civil Society Organizations Assess, Empower, and Protect their staff to improve their Cybersecurity posture and protect against potential threats.

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Security that Scales

Protecting Organizations, Movements and Communities through Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions that scale while upholding a commitment to Integrity, Confidentiality, and Customer Satisfaction.

A thorough Assessment is the Key.

We conduct thorough evaluations of your Organization's Network, Systems plus your Security Policies and Strategies to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks that could compromise your data and systems. We then provide comprehensive recommendations for improvement.

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Thorough Assessment

We use a variety of Tools and Techniques to thoroughly assess your Cybersecurity Posture, including Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, and Risk Assessments.

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Detailed Recommendations

We offer detailed recommendations for enhancing your Security Measures, including Access Controls, Encryption Protocols, and Incident Response plans.

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We are passionate about Digital Security

Our expert team specializes in digital security for human rights defenders and civil society organizations. We prioritize confidentiality and privacy, tailoring our comprehensive services to meet each client's unique needs.

Working closely with clients, we develop effective solutions to safeguard their digital presence and protect their work.

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A Risk-Based approach

Our focus is on identifying and managing risks to our clients' Systems and Data to effectively mitigate the specific threats they face.

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Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessments involve a thorough examination of our clients' digital systems and assets, identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats, and developing tailored solutions to mitigate these risks and safeguard their operations.

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Risk Mitigation

We prioritize Risk Mitigation in our Cybersecurity services, developing and implementing solutions to reduce the impact of potential threats and protecting our clients' digital systems and assets and preserving their operations.

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Our tailored training programs provide clients with practical skills and knowledge to detect and respond to Digital Security threats. Our expert trainers offer effective guidance for clients to be prepared for any risks.

Trusted by leaders

Our tailored Cybersecurity solutions, expert training programs, and Risk-Based approach have helped clients safeguard their digital assets and operations, as evidenced by these testimonials.


"Boltech's cybersecurity solutions have been a game-changer for our organization

Their risk-based approach and comprehensive training programs have allowed us to strengthen our digital security posture and better protect the sensitive data we handle. Their team of experts is responsive and knowledgeable, and they have become a trusted partner in our mission to promote human rights."

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Chrispus Kamau

Director, Ekraal Innovation Hub

"We are incredibly impressed with Boltech's commitment to providing accessible cybersecurity solutions to Civil Society Organizations

Their Secure Insights Hub is a valuable resource that helps us stay informed about the latest threats and best practices in digital security. Their customized risk assessments and mitigation strategies have helped us identify and address vulnerabilities in our systems, and we feel more confident and prepared to face any potential threats."

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Robin Kiplang'at

Co-Founder, Fourbic Data Solutions

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